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Hemant Gupta

Head of India

What have you worked on so far at Hub?

I have been busy setting up HUB’s India office; enabling HUB to scale and setting up a world class centre of excellence. This has ranged from setting up all the policies, hiring, employees benefit and helping with HUB’s technology build. I have particularly enjoyed infusing the entrepreneurial mindset & great energy into our India office. Although, it has been a challenging task, I have loved getting people with different culture, thinking and domain knowledge under one roof and contributing to HUBs vision for financial services.

What else have you been exposed to during your time at Hub?

I am working with leadership & different stakeholders in HUB to shape up our product vision, roadmap and make it work for our customers. I am also part of architecture group who make decisions around technologies, working on operating model with product & professional services. Working as one team with all leaders and stakeholders to deliver a commercial viable products & value to our customers in timebound manner which results into a great value proposition for HUB and its customers.

Can you tell us more about how a day in the life at Hub?

Every day is full of new challenges, requiring you to constantly think differently and challenge yourself. I start my day with looking into articles & blogs to better understand how capital markets are shaping up & how technologies are helping those transformations. I then work with the cross-location leadership team, to discuss hiring, how policies are shaping up and what new challenges everybody is facing, to get things done.

I usually have a coffee catch up with different members of the team, before meeting to understand any challenges they are facing and help them unblock those. After lunch generally I get back to back meetings on different subjects such as technology & architecture, product & business strategy. Setting up 1-1s across locations to ensure teams are operating as ‘one HUB’. In the late afternoon, I work on any outstanding tasks and planning for the next day.

What is the most challenging part of your job at Hub?

HUB is solving a very complex set of problems across financial services. Everyday presents an opportunity and a new challenge. These problems require creativity and an innovative approach which enables us to leverage the latest technologies to execute them.

What is the part that you most enjoy about your job at Hub?

We are building a great team with the right skill sets, deep knowledge about the challenges the industry face and who are great to work with. I also love the idea of solving challenges in the post trade industry and reinventing the operating model. As a technologist, particularly using the latest technology to solve business problems in an efficient and scalable way.

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