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Javier Holguera

Technical Architect

What have you worked on so far at Hub?

I joined in March 2021. I helped define our propositions, discussing requirements with our subject matter experts (SMEs) and coming up with early-stage solution designs. In January 2022, I began leading one of our workstreams from a technical perspective, designing the system from scratch and, together with Foundation, bringing in the set of technologies that underpins it. In doing so, I have also been driving our messaging and streaming platform across the firm.

What else have you been exposed to during your time at Hub?

I am part of an Architecture group that drives HUB Reference Architecture, ensuring we are providing cloud native capabilities and powering our custom build services. That has given me the opportunity to work very closely with other architects leading their respective workstreams and with our Foundation team, responsible for cloud engineering.
I have also had the opportunity to spend time with our leadership team and learn a lot about strategy, client engagement and product management.

Can you tell us more about how a day in the life at Hub?

I spend quite a lot of time communicating with a variety of stakeholders (SMEs, Product, Engineering, Architecture) to bring about technical alignment and help our product teams build great products and deliver value for our customers. The other half of my day goes into designing technical solutions that fits our functional and non-functional requirements, our release timelines and our teams. I also try to find time to stay up-to-date with upcoming technologies and industry trends.

What is the most challenging part of your job at Hub?

Aligning people and making sure we all share the same picture. Everyone brings their own expertise to the table; putting all of this together in a coherent way that creates value for our customers is both challenging and rewarding. We debate, align and move forward to get to the best outcome.

What is the part that you most enjoy about your job at Hub?

I particularly like having technical conversations with HUB engineers. It is a great feeling when a group of people put their minds to work together to solve problems, challenge assumptions and solutions, and draft a path towards an optimal solution for the given context.

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