HUB Data

A streaming data platform that offers a single lens of well governed data

HUB Data delivers connectivity across your organisation to activate your data through interaction and collaboration.

Gain the ability to identify and capture new business opportunities by unlocking and exposing your data to the people closest to it.

Interact with the data you want, whenever you want

Data is no longer locked in batch cycles. We provide
an enterprise grade streaming data platform with
a transparent, single view of well governed data.

Accelerate your time to market

It has been proven that organisations who effectively unlock and expose their data are outperforming their peers. By connecting and interacting with data you can accelerate product differentiation and time to market, whilst reducing costs of change.

Data governance by design

Apply the policy you need to protect your data assets. Gain full lineage and audit capabilities from producer to consumer and a library of industry aware data quality rules. With leading security and accessibility controls you can build trust and engagement with your data.

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