HUB Operations

Simplify the process of operational and financial data preparation with automated matching, a unified portfolio view, and streamlined workflows for NAV, valuations, and performance reporting.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual data preparation and reconciliation, reducing time and effort.

Improve Decision Making

Enhance data integrity with automated calculations and exception management.

Risk Mitigation

Provides automated exception alerts, allowing for early risk identification and error minimization.

Use Cases

HUB Position Oversight

Automate matching of instruments, positions, and valuations, managing exceptions through collaborative workflows. Integrate fund admin data to create a single portfolio view.

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HUB NAV Oversight

Streamline NAV workflow and processes. Automate share class estimate to actual sign-off, creating a single source of NAV share price data. Ingest data sets, automate calculations, analyze class differentials, and streamline workflows with fund administrators.

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HUB Performance Reporting

Increase efficiency and transparency of performance reporting across the organization. Automate data gathering, calculation, and access with HUB CoPilot.

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Our Products

HUB Data

Intuitive dashboards for data unification, analysis and reporting.

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HUB Trade

Seamless workflow to connect and manage post-execution trade processing.

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HUB Operations

Simplify and automate operational and financial data preparation.

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