HUB Trade

Seamless post-execution trade processing by surfacing exceptions in real time across all asset classes with oversight, embedded collaboration, management dashboards, and HUB CoPilot.

Manage Trades in One Place

Manage trades from any source, with instant insight into affirmations and confirmations, and near real-time visibility of trade exceptions across all asset classes.


Boost workflow efficiency with automation and seamless collaboration tools for effective trade exception management.


Enhanced transparency and streamlined operations help identify and mitigate risks more effectively.

Use Cases

HUB Trade Oversight

A single view of all trading activities across all asset classes, managing and monitoring exceptions in real time with ease.

HUB Trade Confirms

Consolidate all trade confirmations in one solution, reducing the cost of confirmation oversight. Streamline operations, manage exceptions, and improve risk management.

HUB Regulatory Oversight

Connect with regulatory reporting partners to streamline compliance, and enhance reporting efficiency. Capture full audit trails and join all reporting data effortlessly across the trade processing lifecycle.

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Our Products

HUB Data

Intuitive dashboards for data unification, analysis and reporting.

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HUB Trade

Seamless workflow to connect and manage post-execution trade processing.

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HUB Operations

Simplify and automate operational and financial data preparation.

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